Megaton Musashi 10: Transcendent Feeling

I’m starting to miss “Megaton! Megaton! Musashi! Musashi!” but I sure as hell am enjoying the series to its fullest! Level-5 has outdone themselves this time, and it is no doubt that Megaton Musashi is truly the mecha of season.

We see two major love stories play out in this episode: one that is just starting to bloom and one that have been nurtured for a long time. I did called one of them before though: Teru and Commander Minami. And oh boy my man sure is a gigachad! Minami – as expected – was a Sidr (aka Dractor). She – like Arshem – didn’t want the two races to go to war and suffer losses because of it. Teru was spared and saved by Minami and the two have been working towards a path of survival for both races. And along the way, the two have come to love each other. Minami-san is such a cougar lol! But to be honest, their relationship seems to be a bit strained. Most likely because Minami is tunnel-visioning towards her objective and Teru just want the best for her. The past those two share isn’t exactly a peaceful one, but the two have found a common ground as two “cowards”.

Then we have the budding relationship between our alien princess and Getter-boy Yamato. The two are really just pure adolescents learning about each other, well mostly just Arshem learning about Earth. She’s pretty cute and Yamato also creased his hostility towards her after seeing that she isn’t like the rest of the Dractors. It really does feel like your usual romcom but hey it’s pretty sweet. Grieffas would faint if he saw the two going on what could only be called a lovey-dovey date lol. But he got dragged aside by Sarzant and taken to a maid cafe where he just sat stupefied at what his close friend have become (one of the high ranking Royal Guards have become a freaking weeb lmao)

However, it’s not just lovey-dovey stuff this episode as an all-out assault by the Sidr/Dractor is nearing the shelter. We got to see Ryuugo and Teru’s new Megaton-class: the Sparkman and Gaudia. And oh boy they look pretty awesome on their own rights. In addition to the current team, we have all five Megatons ready to rumble! However, just as Arshem and Yamato were about to set out, an “obstacle” stands before them…