Mecha Profile: MAILeS Reiki Kai – Kyoukai Senki

Shion is no doubt the person that took Amou’s loss the hardest after the battle on Oki Island. She was then confronted by the horrible reality of a “manned” war – where an actual person is on the other end of her blade. But she has resolved herself to fight for her country, her loved ones and her dream. A determined Shion pilots her new unit – the Reiki Kai – across the sky and rain destruction from above.

I. History:
– After the establishment of the NJCO (New Japan Cooperation Organization), the NAC (North America Confederation) decided to stage an assassination attempt against their own politician to have an excuse to attack New Japan. There was little to nothing anyone can do to stop the impending conflict.

– Thankfully, after rejoining with Yatagarasu, Misuzu and the Tryvecta staff has been hard at work upgrading the Jogan and Reiki to match Kenbu. While Amou and the Russian commander Alexei was being pursuit by NAC’s forces while running away on foot, Shion piloted the new Reiki to their rescue.

– Then Shion and Angelo/Nayuta with the newly upgraded Reiki Kai successfully intercepted the NAC army and saved Amou. The MAILeS later joined the war against the NAC.

II. Technical Specs & Armaments:

– The Reiki Kai – rather than a rebuilt like the Kenbu Zan – is more of an upgraded (just like the name “Kai” implied), which is why its unit code is YM-03C instead of an all-new one. The Reiki Kai is astonishingly lightweight – even lighter than its predecessor – at only 8.2 ton compared to Reiki’s 8.8 ton. The unit’s height is unchanged.

– The Reiki Kai’s armor was updated, mainly focusing on reducing the overall weight of the unit by using new materials for the armor. As a result, even though the unit’s equipment load was increased, its overall bulk is lower than before. The overall performance of the unit was enhanced, especially its gliding ability and thrusters’ output. The iconic feature of the original Reiki – the rear-skirt Wing Unit – is updated with a new look and higher output. The Wing unit when unfold are spread out very wide to the side, which improves the unit’s gliding performance and aerodynamic.

– The Reiki Kai’s rear Wing Unit is capable of equipping various weapons on the rack – mostly missiles and bombs. There are a total of two storage units attached to both wings. This allows the Reiki to utilize its aerial ability to attack enemies on the ground. To date, there are no other mech with the ability to glide through the air at moderate altitude.

– The Reiki Kai’s signature weapon is also an improved version of the Naginata. The new Super-heated Vibrating Naginata Kai has a larger blade and glows blue when activated – indicating a higher temperature than the red blade of the old Naginata. With the additional output of the thrusters on the wing unit and a more powerful melee weapon, the Reiki Kai’s combat ability is massively enhanced, though not to the point of the Kenbu Zan. However, Shion’s style is high-mobility hit-and-run so the Reiki Kai is perfect for her combat doctrine.

III. Gallery: