Kyoukai Senki Episode 17 – Hidden Bloodshed

What happened to Amou in the last 8 months has been revealed. I’m not that surprised when I saw Amou did his first deed, but like come on, the kid closed up both his eyes, panic as **** and still landed shots right into the enemy eyes? What kind of luck is that? God Tomato’s? Aside from that, the building up for that moment was decent. We had the calm before the storm, the trigger, go in it, and the aftermath. Everything sticks to that structure, and it pays off, as it should be. Can’t say that I got amazed with how everything works out, but I have seen worst.

Diallo, the head of the team from “ARES”, a PMC that TRYVECTA hired to protect them, was developed with more dialogues and actions than when he first appeared. He is a nice guy, and not shy to acknowledge his (team) shortcomings while asking for a kid like Amou for advices, and a decent combatant\leader. I kinda want to see him in an AMAIM and fight, that would be awesome.

Amou, still that cheerful kid at the beginning. He had recovered from his suicidal attempt, trying to bring Ghost along with him, and now staying at TRYVECTA’s hidden facility. Day after day he helped the staffs by taking care of their children, and giving advice to the security team guarding that place on how to properly pilot an AMAIM and being trained by them. Life of course not easy, but when he got used to it, it was so much better than the things afterwards.

As you probably have guessed: the whole facility got raid. Compared to episode 15, episode 17 was ruthless, I did not expect that level of violence to be in this show, to be honest. Of course, Kyoukai Senki is still a PG-13+ show, so nothing would exceed that level (gore stuff), but episode 17 somehow still managed to deliver a toned down yet brutal 17+ atmosphere, and it was great. It is like bringing The Witcher 3 to the Nintendo Switch, but anime version. The first season is clearly a PG-13+ show (with a dash of 17+), the second season though, it became something more. The plot armor like I have said was too much, but it is still acceptable, period.

To my surprise, Brad is not the one behind the raid that happened to TRYVECTA and Brenzon. He still black mailing in order to achieve his goal, which is the continuation of the AI development and probably the development of manned AMAIM as well, but considering he is an orphan, a soldier/commander on the field, and not a guy that excels in the behind-the-scene stuff, attacking and killing those who are both innocent and can help him realize his desire, no way he would order his unit to do something like that. The mastermind behind all of that though. did surprise me a bit. Not to mention, the build-up, using other key personnel from the rest of the factions as stepping-stones, which they got introduced again and all had some kind of new orders for them. It was quite satisfied. 

Next episode, what will happen when all the commanders we saw from part 1 return to the field? Some kind of events that helps Amou, Shion and Tezuka be together like they used to perhaps? That would be a really difficult therapy session for Amou.


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