Kit Review: MG 1/100 Eclipse Gundam & Maneuver Striker

Eclipse has arrived!
MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam is a transformable MS developed in secret by Orb for “ODR” – The International Disaster Relief Team Under The Jurisdiction of the International Cooperation Agency and Auxiliary Organization of Orb Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
No records of the MVF-X0B Eclipse remained in official sources. It can be said that this MS symbolizes the chaotic times between the two major wars….
Design: Eclipse Gundam has the main white tone with 3 basic colors blue, red, yellow like the usual protagonist Gundam. However, tts design is quite different from other Gundams in Cosmic Era timeline such as shoulder and leg armors are quite large and the V-fin is small. Eclipse is an MS developed using Freedom’s frame structure so some points in its design will be similar to MG Freedom Gundam 2.0. The feet is also a unique point. The “actual” feet is very small and is hidden behind very large shin-guards. Basically a Getter Devolution style.

Build quality: Bandai’s plastic quality and color separation are as good as always. Very few nub marks are visible. This kit uses very little decal in the sensor parts and especially the head’s parts are separated in great detail so you won’t need to use eye decal. There are some fiddly small parts that are quite pointy so you might wanna be careful when assembling them, especially the Maneuver Striker Pack. Some of the joints are not as solid due to its transformation gimmick, but those aren’t main joints so no need to worry about those too much.

Articulation: There are some parts taken from MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 so the movement range of its joints is very good. The shoulder joint that is not attached to the body but attached to the shoulder armor is a breakthrough in its articulation design. This makes it convenient to trans into MA mode. The hip joint that connects to the leg is reused MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 parts so it can pose great (It definitely won’t break if you know how to assemble them correctly). However, the feet are quite small and the contact surface is not much making it difficult to stand, you might need a stand for some ground poses. But once you get him in the air, you can pull out all the stops and go full SEED mode.

Gimmicks: Eclipse Gundam can transform from MS mode into MA mode. This kit has a unique transformation mechanism that sets it apart from other transformable MS (more like an Cyber Formula car body than an airplane). When in MA mode, to use the action base, the back will have to be attached with a connection part to help the base stay fixed with Eclipse. In addition, the cockpit can be opened like any other MG kit. On its back, there is a connection port for attaching Striker Pack or Silhouette/Wizard Packs. Be careful when transforming the kit to MA mode, especially the waist, but otherwise, it’s a pretty interesting gimmick, much better than the Aegis.

Accessories: MG Eclipse is full of weapons like in the manga: 
+ X2 Type 72E4 Beam Rifle “Jinrai”: The main armaments of the eclipse are equipped on the waist and function as stabilizer wings during MA form 
+ X2 Type 72 Beam Saber: The grips on the Beam Rifles can be pulled out to wield and recreate the Eclipse’s designated Beam Saber 
+ X2 PS-02 Beam Shield: Beam Shields are equipped on both arms. They can be used as defensive armaments and as Arm Swords 
Also, it has 2 parts that connect on the shoulders to be able to use Launcher Striker Pack and Sword Striker Pack.

EW452HM Maneuver Striker Pack
It can be said that this is the Striker pack with the most unique design of all the packs. It has a form similar to the Gunbarrel Striker pack but has 4 inseparable booster units that act as both thrusters and railguns. Each booster unit has 3 side wings that can be folded up and down depending on the mode. 

When attaching it to Eclipse Gundam, it will take 2 action bases to fix them because the Maneuver pack is really heavy. This pack also has a railgun that can be attached to the fuselage of the pack or Eclipse’s arm instead of Beam Shield.  

+ Conclusion: The Eclipse Gundam has that same SEED aesthetic but with some new tricks up its sleeves. The gimmick that the Eclipse has is pretty unique even among the SEED MGs. It’s an interesting breath of fresh engineering to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. The playability is also very high with the P-Bandai Maneuver Pack, but do be careful unless you want to sacrifice some blood for the Gunpla god. What’s more, due to its high compatibility to other Strike Pack, as well as the high variety of accessories, there are many configurations this suit can use and its high articulation really help. Really recommend if you want some unique Seed kit (or if you are hardcore fans of Cyber Formula’s Asurada lol)