Kit Review: HG Alteisen – SRW Original Generations

No matter how thick your armor is, I only have to pierce it!

Alteisen is the third prototype that rolled out the ATX-Project (a project to develop anti-extra-terrestrial/assault purpose humanoid combat weapons) which was a part of the Terra Federation Force’s Earth Defense Program. It was based on the PTX-003 Gespenst (Type-T), a unit that was kept in storage as a test machine, and was radically modified under the concept of creating a machine that could break through enemy front lines with absolute firepower.

It was called by its code name Alteisen (‘Scrap Iron’ in German) instead of Gespenst Mk-III – the official name which it was supposed to have been given. Despite this, the Alteisen received an extraordinary pilot named Kyousuke Nanbu right before being deployed to actual combat in the DC Wars, and quickly became one of the most iconic duo of Super Robot Wars.

HG Alteisen
Series: Super Robot Wars Original Generations
Price: 4400 yen
Release date: Dec 2021

Design: The Alteisen is based on the Gespenst Mk-III – one of the original Banpresto debuting in the Hero Senki series. The Gespenst started out as an armored suit before being turned into a giant robot. The Alteisen is a essentially a Gespenst Mk-III with a pile bunker – and it quickly became Kyousuke Nanbu’s iconic unit. The red and white color with some yellow accent really make it pop and set it apart from the other mass-produced Gespensts. Contrary to the more rounded appearance of the Phantom, the “Scrap Iron” (Alteisen) has a more angular design on the body and shoulders. The Alteisen feels like a solid, chunky boy that can explode on you with the Pile Bunker.

Build quality: Most of HG Alteisen’s parts are large parts with the nubs well hidden under other pieces, so the nubs weren’t that bad. The amount of sticker is also manageable, except for the yellow sticker on the abdomen – that one is surely the hardest and I recommend Setter/Softer/Fit solvent to apply it. The parts are solid and with high snap-fit ability. For a HG, there aren’t a lot of surface details, but that is very game and anime accurate as the Alteisen’s surface is mostly very flat. Also the heat horn is quite slim, so be careful when cutting that piece out.

Articulation: The HG Alteisen’s joints are very solid. Highly articulated shoulders and arm joints give the kit high flexibility on the upper half. There are a bit of abcrunch but the bulky torso doesn’t allow for much (which for Alteisen is not a big deal). Especially, the shoulder joints can be pulled forward and back about 45 degrees to help it pose comfortably. The waist joint can freely swivel and the side skirt can be moved away to free up some room.

The legs are also has a wide range of movement. Thanks to the rear-skirt being at quite a far angle from the body, the legs can kick back quite far. The thighs is on par with the modern HG Gundam so spreads and swivels are easily achieved. The kit can replicate every single iconic poses of the Alteisen.

– Gimmick: The most important gimmick of the Old Iron is the Pile Bunker and Claymore. Both of which are replicated perfectly. The Pile Bunker has an extra part to show the bullet changing gimmick (although there aren’t 6 bullets to actually swap). The claymore doors on the shoulder can flip up to show the claymore pods inside which is great. Of course there’s no effect parts to show the claymore being discharged but no Alteisen has ever had that before either. The shoulder verniers can also be moved freely.

Accessories: The Alteisen has no external weapons. Therefore, the HG’s “accessories” are already on the kit itself:
+ X1 Revolving Stake (right arm)
+ X1 3-barreled machine cannon (left arm)
+ X2 Square claymore
+ X1 Heat Horn
+ X2 pairs of hands
In addition, Bandai gave us a clear Action Base 5 because this guy is one hefty kit, and with an MG price tag, it better come with its own stand.
Overall: After so many years having only the Kotobukiya kit as an option, Bandai finally pulled through with SRW. The HG Alteisen is a very cool model kit. It’s really not a waste of time when SRW fans have been waiting for Bandai to make it all this time. Hopefully Bandai will continue to make Alteisen Riese and its partner – the Weissritter. This kit is quite pricey for the amount of plastic we get, but the satisfaction and quality it bring certainly will satisfy you.