Kit Review: Entry Grade Strike Gundam – Gundam Seed

Kira Yamato, Strike Gundam, Ikimasu!

Ever since the release of the Entry Grade RX-78-2, Bandai has been slowly but continuously release new main Gundam in this line with their new superb engineering. The second unique entry in the line (not recolored or retooled ver of Gramps) is Kira Yamato’s first Gundam – the Strike. Similar to the RX-78-2, the Entry Grade Strike Gundam comes with minimal equipment but huge playability. The kit was first released as a “Lite Package” version in plastic bag, but later on re-packaged to a carton box just like the RX-78-2.

EG 1/144 – Strike Gundam
Series: Gundam Seed
Price: 770 yen
Release date: Jan 2022

Design: The Entry Grade Strike is very faithful to the anime, only slightly different from the Okawara line-art on the legs. The overall proportion is still kept balanced and sleek. The basic color – red, blue, yellow – on white and gray is basically the same as the RX-78-2 (since SEED was meant to be sort-of a reboot of the original 0079). The Entry Grade took the episode 1-2 look so it comes barebone with only the shield and beam rifle and no Strike Pack (as expected). The kit is basically a honest-to-goodness modern real robot design in Master Okawara’s iconic Gundam style.

Build quality: Just like the EG Rx-78-2, the manual may say you don’t need a nippers and that you can twist the parts off, I still heavily recommend a nippers and hobby knife to build it. It’s going to be much cleaner and better that way. The build process is still very enjoyable with very basic yet ingenious engineering inherited from the RX-78-2. The best part about EG kits are they are quite color accurate without the use of stickers, especially the eyes (I wish more kits do this but it seems to be exclusive to EG for now). The process is fast and easy, very suitable for newcomer to the hobby, just as the name of the line suggest.

Articulation: That face when the EG rivals the HGCE in terms of articulation. The EG Strike is very posable, with an impressive ab-crunch and awesome feet pivot, which is really helpful for ground poses. The shoulders are the only limiting point because it’s on a fix ball joint, but that only means to raise the arms over the head, the shoulder armor has to rotate downward (which isn’t a huge issue by any mean). Knees and elbows are both single-jointed but they can go beyond 90 degree, which is very decent. You can see below that it can do allllll kinds of poses. Just need to give him some swords and it’s all set to go.

– Gimmick: Not much for EG. Mostly just the ability to equip backpacks and equipment thanks to the 3 connector holes – 1 on the back, 2 on the arms – just like the HG.

Accessories: Well, true to its namesake (again), the EG Strike comes with a very basic config with:
– 1x Beam Rifle
– 1x Shield
– 2x weapon-holding hands

Knowing Bandai, they will probably release some option parts for the Strike like the EG RX-78-2 Full weapon pack (also because other EG Strikes with different equipment was released as well).

Overall: Entry Grade is slowly becoming the new standard for good color separation and well-engineered while staying affordable kits. The kit is extremely cheap, looks good with no stickers, fun to play with and have a lot of potential for customization. Bandai has lifted the old EG line from having no joints and literally 3 solid piece of color into a modern standard for model kit. This shows Bandai’s ability to create models that can wow us with both the price and the kit itself.