Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

While Getter-2 is the first Super Robot whose main armament is a drill, when we mention a spiky spinny boy, the majority of us will think of another mecha with Red and Black as its primary color scheme (with a bit of gold). That’s right! The key to victory for the Dai-Gurren Brigade, the one and only GURREN LAGANN!
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is an incredibly popular mecha series that isn’t just well-known among mecha fans, but also beyond the genre. The over-the-top, extravaganza coolness shounen tropes brought Gurren Lagann throughout the world, all the while containing explicit reference to older classics.
Despite being so popular, there are actually aren’t much merch of the Drill Boy himself, especially figures. We have the Revoltech as an affordable option, the rest are really rare as their price skyrocket in the 2nd hand market. That’s where CCS Toys came in. After their success with the Thunderbolt, they are tackling yet another high-end die-cast figure with the Gurren Lagann.
+ Design: If you think the redesigned Riobot is too…mechanical, then wait until you see the humongous monster that is the CCS TOYS. Towering over 20 centimeters, the figure is loaded with mechanical details and some VERY sharp edges, so be careful when handling it (especially the drills and Gurren Wing). The proportion is a big unbalance since the legs are very ver Ka (looooong). Although in the anime, there are many extravagant shot that depict the GL’s legs as super long compared to its body. The CCS Toys is pretty different compared to the anime’s more simplistic trigger style, however, you can still recognize the unit though its iconic features. The helmet is also done very well as well as the shoulder pauldron’s Dai Gurren logo.

+ Painting: Glossy and beautiful! CCS Toys nail the painting on this figure with glossy apple red and matte black with metallic gold highlights. Pretty much nothing to complain about as the paint is very durable (unless you go at it with a pickaxe). The drills are also painted beautifully with very randomized spiral patterns that give the impression like it’s spinning. Overall, the looks of the figure is flawless.

+ Articulation: CCS Toys made some great improvements since their Thunderbolt figure. Almost all the possible moving parts are, well, movable. The torso, thanks to the face design, can be moved quite a bit. Arms and shoulders are great. The backskirt can also swung backwards just a little bit to make room for the legs. Well, the only “cons” is that his legs are way too thicc, so some movements are harder, such as when you want to close his legs. The figure is perfect when you want to display him in some really grand attack poses. The feet pivot can take a bit of time to get use to due to very solid die-cast joints. The legs can be a bit loose if you mess with it too much due to the weight distribution, but the figure will most likely stay on the ground anyway since there are hardly any stands that can support that massive boy!

+ Gimmicks: Here comes the fun part! Just remember not to stab yourself. The CCS Gurren Lagann can be switched to Full-drillized mode, with 32 different-sized drills all over its body. And fear not, they are magnetized so it’s easier to attach and remove. There aren’t many GL on the market that can do something like this, and the revoltech is really small and limited. You can also mix-and-match the drills to create some interesting config as well.

+ Accessories: Aside from the impressive 32 separate drills, the figure also comes with a normal drill for the arm, and a true GIGA DRILL BREAK! The big drill is not just big, it’s massive! Even bigger than the Composite Ver Ka. Well, due to the size, it’s quite a heavy attachment (even though it’s all plastic), so having some form of support for it will be better if you aren’t pointing it up to the sky. You also get 3 interchangeable head parts with a grunting face and screaming face for some epic anime replication. And of course, a Gurren Lagann figure cannot miss the pointing hand part. There are also 3 other pairs of hands for some really expressive poses. It also comes with its own bases with inscription.

+ Conclusion: The CCS TOYS Gurren Lagann is a great figure. It’s big and solid, has a good heft to it and looks really awesome. The gimmicks and accessories are all very good, and outstrip literally every other Gurren Lagann toys out there. This guy will definitely add a huge presence to your display shelf. But he’s not just good for display, he’s also fun to play with, just need to be careful not to stab yourself. The price tag of the figure is quite steep however, unlike the Thunderbolt, but the scale between the two is completely different. CCS Toys has truly embraced the premium market, and Gurren Lagann is a great start!